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Ben Ashers Creed: A Study of the History of the Controversy (Masoretic Studies)

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The Thirteenth Scroll served as the Master Copy against which all future Torah scrolls were to be checked. However, during the reign of King Achaz B. E there was a campaign to destroy all Torah scrolls, so the Kohanim of the Temple hid this precious Master Copy. It was only discovered one hundred years later by King Yoshia around B.

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It remains hidden and has never been seen since. After the destruction of the First Temple, during the subsequent seventy years of Babylonian Exile, there was a profound decline in Torah study and it became impossible to find accurate Torah scrolls. It was decided to take two of the three scrolls which better matched each other, and that became the basis of the third subsequent Master Scroll.

During the persecutions which took place in the century following the destruction of the Second Temple it again became difficult to find accurate Torah Scrolls. This is why there arose some discrepancies between versions of some verses as recorded in our Torah compared to those same verses as quoted in some sections of the Talmud.

At that time, there were three primary schools of Hebrew text and vocalisation: One was in Babylonia, and another school was in southern Israel. This method of supralinear vocalisation, however, was no longer in popular usage after the eleventh century. The third and most authoritative school was in Tiberius which gave rise to the common system of vocalisation that we use today.

From them came all our mesoras traditions and vocalisation. The Tiberius school was dominated by two families, Ben Naftali and Ben Asher and they had worked on the accuracy of Torah texts for generations. Their slightly different styles are recorded in Sefer haChilufin or Book of Differences. There are differences and some examples follow: [2]. Aaron Ben Asher was the last of five Ben Asher generations who had worked on the texts. This new Ben Asher Master Scroll was soon deposited in Jerusalem, in the Karaite synagogue where it remained until the First Crusade in when it was plundered and sold to the rich Jews of Cairo for a huge ransom.

This, now famous, Ben Asher Scroll was actually seen by Rambam when he was in Cairo, and he wrote about it as follows:. The scroll that I relied upon is the well-known scroll found in Egypt This scroll was used as the standard text for the correction of Torah scrolls. Everyone relied on it as it had been corrected by Ben Asher himself who spent many years working on it.

And I have relied on it for my personal Torah scroll that I wrote. Why was such an important scroll handed over to the custody of the Karaites sect of Jerusalem? The Karaites, as opposed to the Rabbanites, were a Jewish group which disregarded the Rabbinical Oral Tradition, and only relied on the literal meaning of the Biblical texts.

It must be remembered that they were extremely influential and made up of the more elite and wealthy members of the Jewish community. The date for the birth of the Karaite movement is usually given as around Apparently one of the conditions of the transfer of the Ben Asher Master Scroll to the Karaites in Jerusalem was that they would allow free access to the scroll by the Rabbanites who would also need to peruse it from time to time in order to correct their Sifrei Torah.

I speculated that perhaps the reason why such an important document was given over to the Karaites was because they were known to be particularly concerned about the accuracy of Torah texts because they were literalists who only had the written Torah as their halachic Tradition. No one seemed particularly bothered by the apparent Karaite connection until , when Simcha Pinsker published his Likutei Kadmoniyot in which he documented Karaite literature and history.

He maintained that, as a general rule, the grammarians of the Gaonic period [10] are usually considered to be Karaites unless there are clear indications that they were involved with Talmudic study. This was because the Rabbanites were not overly concerned with textual issues and focussed more of Talmudic issues. Later on, however, the Rabbanites did get more involved in textual matters as a response to the growing popularity of the Karaite movement. From the Cairo Geniza fragments found in , it appears that the Ben Asher family may have been a well known Karaite family extending back a number of generations, who were preoccupied with the preservation of accurate texts.

However, no one connected him to the famed Aaron Ben Asher of the later to be known Aleppo Codex - until the relatively recent discoveries in the Cairo Geniza in In the Cairo Geniza, a fragment was discovered by Max L. Although not conclusive, this is taken by many as a strong indication that the Ben Asher family may have been Karaites. This is not an entir ely compelling argument as the Rabbinites also base their Law on the Torah, although, because of the Oral Tradition, with more latitude and less literalism.

This suggests a sense of Karaite ownership of all the Ben Asher texts his Codex and his other writings! Another support for the view that Ben Asher may have been a Karaite is that his contemporaries referred to him by the title haMelamed, or teacher. This was a common honorary title used by Karaites but not by Rabbanites. Some counter that he actually was a teacher of children as well, which accounts for him being called a melamed.

I then found something very interesting, which may have relevance to our discussion:. This Codex, which was written in , [13] is not as complete as the Aleppo Codex of his son, as it only contains the Books of the Prophets whereas the Aleppo Codex originally contained the entire Tanach. It was similarly presented to the Karaite community in Jerusalem — it was also plundered by First Crusades in - and it was also later redeemed by the Karaite community of Cairo!