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It trades listed stocks as well as over-the-counter OTC stocks. As a general rule of thumb, it is where most technology stocks are traded. Instead, it provided automated quotations. Later, it added automated trading systems that could create trade and volume reports and became the first exchange to offer online trading. In addition to being the first exchange to offer electronic trading, it was the first exchange to launch a website , the first to store records in the cloud, and the first to sell its technology to other exchanges.

ET and p. Qualification, Listing and Delisting of Companies. Options 4. Options 5. Order Protection and Locked and Cross Markets. Options 7.

OTC vs. Nasdaq and NYSE

Certificate of Formation. Second Amended Limited Liability Co. Delegation Agreement. Limited Liability Company Agreement. Certificate of Incorporation. Certificate of Amendment Dated September 8, Certificate of Amendment Dated November 17, OLD Listing Rules. Rule Filings Status Report. General Provisions.

Financial and Operational Rules. Other Systems and Programs. Those not ranked in the top , are dropped regardless of the previous year's rank.

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The index also drops a company if, at the end of two consecutive months, it fails to have an index weighting of at least one-tenth of a percent. This can occur at any time. Anticipation of these changes can lead to changes in the stock prices of affected companies. The index publicly announces all changes, regardless of when they occur, via press releases at least five business days before the change takes place. The results of the re-ranking and rebalancing were announced on December 14, with the changes effective the morning of December 24, coinciding with the expiration of options on December The new methodology allowed NASDAQ to reduce the influence of the largest companies and to allow for more diversification.

However, the weights of the stocks were not changed after that, which led to more problems. In addition to its lack of financial companies, the Nasdaq includes 12 stocks of 11 companies incorporated outside the United States. As of November , the Nasdaq has companies incorporated in the following foreign countries:. With some exceptions, most stocks that are added to the index come up through the Q The latter index includes noted E-commerce companies Amazon.

This table is current as of the close of trading on April 29, An up-to-date list is available in the External links section. As of December , companies have been components of the index. Of these, only four, Apple, Costco through its merger in with Price Club , with Costco, as a separate entity, not becoming a component until at least , Intel and PACCAR, have been components, continuously, since the first dissemination of the index in Two other current components, KLA-Tencor and Micron Technology, were also components when the index started, but were removed from the index over time for various reasons.

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A number of companies were replaced in , with all the replacements taking place before the market opened that day. Hunt Transport Services , and Warner Chilcott. On January 20, , News Corporation was added to the index, replacing Focus Media Holding , which did not meet the minimum monthly weight requirements.

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On October 29, , Priceline. Hunt , Logitech and Patterson Companies. These were the only changes made to the index that year and the fewest since On April 4, , Alexion Pharmaceuticals replaced Genzyme before the market open. Perrigo had been a member of the index in the s, being dropped in They were Avago Technologies , Fossil, Inc.

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On May 30, , Viacom became a component of the index prior to the market open. On July 23, , Kraft Foods, Inc. On Wednesday December 12, , Facebook Inc.


Prior to the market open on Monday, December 24, , 20 changes to the index took place. On January 15, , Starz Inc. This meant the index had components. Later in , additional classes of stock from other index companies were added to the index, bringing the number of constituent securities in the index to A number of changes took place in On July 1, Liberty Interactive created two new tracking stocks, tracking the company's interests in Latin America.

Both tracking stocks were added to the index the same day. Catamaran Corporation was removed from the index after the close of trading on July 23, after going private. Skyworks Solutions took Sigma-Aldrich's place at the start of trading August 3. Altera was removed on October 7 as a result of its merger with Intel.

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Incyte replaced Altera's on that date. The companies leaving the index were C. On April 18, Liberty Media established two tracking stocks to follow the performance of its investment in the Atlanta Braves. On December 9, the annual re-ranking of the index was announced, resulting in four changes. On February 1, Tesla Motors changed its corporate name to simply Tesla.

North America