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Read research data and market intelligence. Here are 10 small-screen gems directed by the master of suspense. Matthew Thrift 13 August Alfred Hitchcock Presents There are more books written about the feature films of Alfred Hitchcock than perhaps any other filmmaker, yet his substantial body of work for TV tends to be glossed over as a mere footnote.

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While naturally lacking the budget and scope afforded the features, the odd films that Hitch directed for TV often reveal the same themes and mischievous sense of humour familiar to even the most casual fan. Most of these can be found amid the episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the widely-syndicated half-hour show that ran from to Was she really attacked?

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The husband kills the perpetrator she identifies regardless. Two minutes later she singles out another. A hard-hearted businessman Joseph Cotten gets his comeuppance when his car crashes into a prison work-gang. Breakdown is told in a series of static shots — morbid close-ups and fixed POVs — with the helpless internal narration we hear escalating as the man is transferred to the morgue, everyone oblivious to the minuscule movement of his tapping finger.

Sleazy intro from Hitch aside, this is one of the best episodes in the first series of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Hitchcock: Past and Future

A broken tail-light leads to a run-in with the law. Is the motorcycle cop who pulls him over going to force him to open it? The first half of the episode plays out dialogue-free, as Wayne takes to the road to dispose of the corpse. The ending is superb: all crazed close-ups as the ticking of the bomb intensifies before a white-out into a coda steeped in madness. Lamb to the Slaughter — perhaps the best known of Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes — proved one such example.

The title refers both to an after-dinner gambling pool in which the passengers on a cruise make a bet on how far the ship has sailed that day, and the ill-conceived last resort taken by our protagonist in a bid to avoid bankruptcy.

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Hitchcock has great fun skewering the upwardly-mobile pretensions of the central couple: she pontificating on her plans for a grand European tour; he over-tipping and over-talking. He then takes great pleasure in dishing out the comeuppance. One more Dahl for our list, this one a confined exercise in amplified suspense. A man has been lying in bed all day, unable to move an inch because of the poisonous snake asleep under the sheets on his stomach.

When the doctor finally arrives, tensions rise as they discuss means to get the man out of bed without harming him.

Alfred Hitchcock Was A VR Pioneer

John Williams again, here effectively reprising his role from Dial M for Murder as a cunning detective out to solve a murder. A boy is playing cowboys when he finds a real gun in the suitcase of a visitor. Loading the weapon and taking to the streets, the boy takes imaginary shots at passers-by, the bullet edging ever-closer to the chamber.

Then and now: The Lodger reviewed. Forever falling: Vertigo.

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    Read more. Lists Explore the history of film in list form. From a voyeuristic murder mystery, to the intense bird attack scene that caused Tippi Hedren to break down and stop film production for a week, to the dizzying optical effect Hitchcock created for Vertigo, you'll be on the edge of your comfortable seat.

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      Rear Window is the grippring thriller that has kept generations of fans enthralled with one of the most nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat endings in all of film history. But love is not the only thing in the air when thousands of birds descend upon the town, attacking and terrorizing its residents.