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The resulting closed-loop system is capable of moving from one orbit to another by simply changing the parameters of the modied Van der Pol oscillator. A class of nonlinear minimum phase SISO systems presented in nonlinear block controllable NBC form, that models both the plant and actuator dynamics, is presented. Considering the complete plant and actuator dynamics, the block control technique is rst used to suitably design the nonlinear sliding manifold, and the First Order Sliding Mode FOSM algorithm is implemented to ensure nite time convergence to the designed sliding manifold.

Then a lower-order sliding manifold is designed based on the plant dynamics only, and a High Order Sliding Mode HOSM algorithm is implemented to achieve chattering free motion of the closed-loop system in the presence of the actuator unmodeled dynamics. The proposed method is applied to design robust controller for a power electric system in presence of the exciter system unmodeled fast dynamics. Finally neural network based second order SM block control for an electro-hydraulic system in presence of the electric actuator unmodeled dynamics is studied.

5.7 Sliding Mode Control

Chapter 20 by Parisa Kaveh and Yuri Shtessel, studies the application of highorder SMC techniques to feedback-based glucose regulation in treatment of Diabetes. In the chapter, some higher order sliding mode control techniques are considered for the cascade robust stabilization of the glucose concentration level of a diabetic patient in presence of the parameter variations and meal disturbance.

In the inner loop super-twisting control stabilizes the glucose pump-actuator. In the outer loop, the higher order sliding mode controller generates a command to the pump-actuator in terms of insulin injection rate. The eciency of the proposed. The concluding Chapter 21 by Alessandro Pisano and Elio Usai studies the contact force regulation problem in active pantographs for high-speed transportation systems. One of the main problems in high-speed-train transportation systems is indeed related to the current collection quality, that can dramatically decrease because of oscillations of the pantograph-catenary system.

In the chapter some results about the possible implementation of Variable Structure Control VSC techniques on a wire-actuated symmetric pantograph are presented. Recent results about the frequency-based analysis of VSC systems featuring secondorder sliding modes are exploited to avoid the performance-destroying eect of the resonant wire actuator and to get a continuous control force without using observers. Simulations show that the contact force results to be satisfactorily close to the desired set-point also in the presence of measurement noise.

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Modern Sliding Mode Control Theory

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Search inside document. Thoma, M. Preface This book is a collection of invited chapters covering several areas of modern sliding mode control theory. Preface IX In the Chapter 8, by Simon Baev, Yuri Shtessel, and Ilya Shkolnikov, asymptotic output tracking in a class of causal nonminimum-phase uncertain nonlinear systems is addressed via higher order sliding mode approach. It is worth to highlight that the discrete-time Preface ISMC can achieve the O T 2 boundary for output tracking error even in the presence of O T accuracy in the state estimation.

Elias Valeria.

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