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A slightly revised version can be found in Macaulay's collected Critical and Historical Essays , 2nd vol. English and Other Critical Essays Everyman ed. London: J M Dent. Retrieved 10 July NY: Oxford UP, Life of Johnson.

Nicholas Hudson

NY: Oxford UP. Boswell's Life of Johnson. London: Chapman and Hall.

Thomas H. Google Books. Anderson, Robert ed. Works of the British Poets. Vol XI London, Boswell, James , Hibbert, Christopher ed.

A Dictionary of the English Language

Brady, Frank. Correspondence of Edmund Burke , Vol. VI ed. Alfred Cobban and R. Chicago, — Carlyle, Thomas. IV, ed. Thomas Carlyle.

London, Damrosch, Leopold. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Lustig, Irma S. Oxford, New Haven: Yale University Press, William K Wimsatt. Lexington, Kentucky: University of Kentucky Press, Contemporary accounts. It places Fielding and Sterne within a broader European context, which so manyAnglocentric treatments fail to do. Most important, it usefully interrogates the ways that travel within a text reflects, influences, and subverts travel through a text.

Samuel Johnson

Joseph F. Johnson, Writing andMemory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ISBN Nicholas Hudson. SamuelJohnson and the Making ofModern England. Greg Clingham and Nicholas Hudson each present a compelling case for the centrality ofSamuelJohnson to the English eighteenth century as well as to the concerns of today, yet they take distinctly different approaches.

Clingham emphasizes howJohnson looks backward and draws upon the past as a way to construct an understanding ofthe present In contrast, Hudson explores how Johnson looks forward and how he has had an impact on subsequent generations. These books also differ as much in methodologyas they do in substance.

Clingham adopts a more theoretical approach, exploringjohnson in relation to postmodernism and the insights ofDerrida, Foucault, and Hayden White. Hudson chooses a more conventionally historicist approach, studyingjohnson in relation to a wide range of eighteenth-century documents. All Rights Reserved.

Dangerous Age: the best books on 18th-century London's perils

OSO version 0. University Press Scholarship Online.

Samuel Johnson (In Our Time)

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