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Python Other. Python Branch: master New pull request. Find File. Download ZIP. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Fetching latest commit…. Example Use Cases Traverse structures using either canonical or residue-level rule ordering. Operate on monosaccharide and substituents as nodes and bonds as edges. Add, remove, and modify these structures to alter glycan properties.

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The Glycoinformatics core has developed software tools, ontologogies and databases to facilitate efficient acquisition, processing, analysis, sharing and dissemination of the data produced by the other cores. Several tools and databases have been generated as part of the center and are provided to the community at no charge. In order to make the information generated by the center accessible to the scientific community, it is necessary to process, interpret, organize, and store data from diverse sources, and to make them available in a form that is transparent to clients with expertise in a broad range of disciplines.

These challenges are being addressed by the Glycoinformatics core. The goal is to develop a bioinformatics resource that includes databases and ontologies along with associated computational tools that facilitate efficient acquisition, description, analysis, sharing and dissemination of the data contained therein. This represents a major challenge, as the potential of this data to explain important biological phenomena will only be fully realized if it is examined in the context of the vast amounts of other data that are becoming available. Therefore, a major emphasis will be placed on data structures and tools that have a high degree of interoperability with the computational infrastructure now being developed for the storage and analysis of glycomics, genomics and proteomics data.

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During the funding period the glycoinformatics core worked on several subprojects:. The integrated data interpretation module, called Glycomics Elucidation and Annotation Tool GELATO , annotates experimental data with glycan and glycan fragment structures from candidate databases. An extensive set of graphical user interfaces can then be used to visualize, review, modify and export the annotated data or to compare the annotations of different samples side by side.

The software can be freely downloaded from the project website. The GRITS software is based on the extendable Eclipse framework, enabling other research groups to develop their own extensions so called Plugins to add new functionality to our software. Export Citation. Here you can find all Crossref-listed publications in which this article is cited.

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