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Meanwhile, Claire miscarries, has a fever, nearly dies, two weeks pass. She wakes, goes home, and grieves. Not one word about Jamie. Finally, Claire returns to the estate and she sees Fergus gazing into the fireplace. Fergus asks her where Jamie is. Good riddance, she thinks and makes plans to leave and be gone before his return. If you saw the movie, you know what this means. He brands them. All of them. Fergus burst into tears and explains that the Madame at the brothel told him to go with Randall and she would split the cost.

Fergus often does this when men ask and Madame insists. But this man insisted on branding him. Fergus screamed under the metal and Jamie came running. Seeing the brand, knowing what it means, Jamie snapped, challenged Randall, returned to the estate for his weapons, wrote Claire the note, and confronted Randall. Claire finds room for some forgiveness in her heart and retires for the evening.

Before she can move, Murtagh appears with an order. This order is the directions on catching the ship to Spain. Jamie never received the order, which means…Jamie was never on the ship to Spain. So where is he? Murtagh investigates and comes back to report that Jamie has been in Bastille prison for nearly a month for dueling.

Here, the movie reflects the book exact. Payment is made and Claire returns to the estate. I loved this part so much. Claire goes about her life, living as a childless mother. Unsure of her future, she resigns to living the rest of her life alone at the convent. Lost Jamie.

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Lost Faith. Her life is over. A servant comes to Claire and tells her she has a guest. She sends the guest away. Claire runs to the moor to escape and Jamie pursues.

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Despite his state of mind, he seems only interested in caring for Claire. How do you recover from such loss? How do you bear the pain? You stand and you bear it together.

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Truly, this scene is simply breathtaking and is worth reading the book just for it. Not because of the length, but because so much happens within that time. Upon arriving at Lollybroch, Claire and Jamie become potato farmers for a short while. We see later just how important this is in book 3. Here at Lollybrooch, readers are introduced to Doonan.

Doonan is an untamed white stallion who Jamie has been attempting to break. Fergus attempts to ride Doonan and nearly gets killed in the process. Taking up 30 men, Jamie, upon Doonan, and Claire begin the long trek to meet up with the regiment. Here is where the movie seriously strays from the book. Massive events are deleted from the movie. The order of events are different than they appear in the movie.

Laoghaire is not in the book at all. In the cabin, they lose a man. It hits everyone hard. Claire speaks up in protest when they Redcoats propose burning the church. Then they insist the woman be released. The other scene, with the beggar also stands out. At the estate of the Duke of Sandringham, after Claire is locked and barred in her room, Claire spots him from her window, and he comes to her. Claire watches the guards take him down and kill him on the spot.

There was just so much happening. I remember it made perfect sense. He comes out of the house with a bag of food and a bag dripping with blood. At their first battle, Bonnie Prince Charlie visits the wounded to give congratulations only. The argument with Dougal is not in the book. Jamie pissing in the jar is. Another wounded man who was left out of the book was one who had his scrotum sliced open with a spear. Claire sews him back up after Jamie offers to with his mangled right hand.

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The Scots fought back the British as far to the South as London, wiping out the British as they went. It was a clean sweep, but, when the winter sets in, the clans retreat and return home to prepare their farms and families for winter. Jamie and the troops come down with a fever due to poor nutrition, starvation, and exhaustion. Claire is adamant and puts Jamie and Fergus to bed when there is a knock at the door.

She opens the door and there is Jack Randall.

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He grabs her arm and pulls her into the streets before explaining himself. His brother, Alex Randall, is dying and he offers Claire information on the war in exchange for medical treatment.

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Claire accepts his deal and does not speak a word of this to Jamie who believes she gets the knowledge from gossiping patients. Desperate for more troops, Jamie visits his grandfather, and the advance continues lead by the information passed from Randall through Claire. One night, while Claire is visiting with Alex Randall, she is asked to bring Jamie the next day. Mary Hawkins is pregnant.

Of course Jamie and Claire do not succeed in changing history meaning the Jacobite Rising and the Battle of Culloden are inevitable fates for the people of Scotland. Here is a summary from Shelfari :. From the author of Outlander … a magnificent epic that once again sweeps us back in time to the drama and passion of 18th-century Scotland… For twenty years Claire Randall has kept her secrets. Here Claire plans to reveal a truth as stunning as the events that gave it birth: about the mystery of an ancient circle of standing stones …about a love that transcends the boundaries of time …and about James Fraser, a Scottish warrior whose gallantry once drew a young Claire from the security of her century to the dangers of his ….

Most of the reviews I read about this book—before starting it—said it was the least favorite of the series. I have to say I agree, though I have not made it through the series yet of course, I thought this one was a little long-ish and had SO much going on that it was a little hard to follow. It seems like the second installment of a series is always the most slow and boring, I have felt that with almost every series I have read and this is no different. It was hard to keep everything straight and keep all the historic figures, period, and politics in order.

Without the historic background though there was really no other way of explaining how or why Claire went back to her time at the end and clearly Gabaldon knows not EVERYONE is as into Scottish history as herself so she thought it necessary to give us all some background—which was helpful but still frustrating. I literally felt like SO much happened in the story by the end that I felt like I just read two books!

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Besides this though, I was bothered by a couple of other things as well. When they do talk about it, Claire admits she was upset with Jamie and felt like he broke the trust first by dueling with Randall and Jamie forgives her as he knows she had no choice but still…. I felt like her having sex with the King will somehow always be something there in the back of both their minds…. The other thing that bothered me was how Gabaldon tried to redeem Randall in some way.

For me, what Randall did, not just to Jamie but to others as well, was entirely unforgivable. Certainly he looks like Frank but she always said his mannerisms were NOT Frank—but once she decides to help him, she sees in some ways he is like Frank…. What the mind sees it believes.

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Book I has a lot of philosophical insight that the characters and language highlighted throughout the story and this was no different. That I cannot do. He offers to spare his life in order to keep Frank safe in the future. This man Jamie worries about Claire's safety as a battle looms in the near future, so he sends her back through the stones.

She agrees, because she loves him, but it kills her to leave his side when she knows he might die in battle. Just before she goes, Jamie tells her he knows she's pregnant again. Seeing her go through all the emotional stages of making the decision to leave him in the s would make us feel all the feels. Throughout the book, there are scenes of Claire and the daughter she had with Jamie, just 20 years later. She's trying to figure out if Jamie did, in fact, die in the battle that was about to take place before she left.

She wants to reveal the story of Jamie to their daughter and their dynamic through all of this would be fascinating to watch. In the flash forward, we learn that Frank died a few years earlier. The show should really go into vivd detail of everything that happened to Claire after she left. It's simply too juice to gloss over. Claire learns that Jamie didn't die in that battle. We need to see that battle play out onscreen. How it ended because if Jamie didn't die, then what happened next?