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Looking forward, most voters are upbeat about an Obama presidency. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.

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Relive the historic moment Obama won the 2008 election

As the 44th president, Obama will move into the Oval Office as leader of a country that is almost certainly in recession, and fighting two long wars, one in Iraq, the other in Afghanistan. The popular vote was close, but not the count in the Electoral College, where it mattered most.

Breaking: Obama Wins Election

There, Obama's audacious decision to contest McCain in states that hadn't gone Democratic in years paid rich dividends. Obama has said his first order of presidential business will be to tackle the economy. He has also pledged to withdraw most U. Fellow Democrats rode his coattails to larger majorities in both houses of Congress. They defeated incumbent Republicans and won open seats by turn. The year-old Illinois senator was little known just four years ago.

A widely praised speech at the Democratic National Convention, delivered when he was merely a candidate for the Senate, changed that. Overnight he became a sought-after surrogate campaigner, and he had scarcely settled into his Senate seat when he began preparing for his run for the White House. A survey of voters leaving polling places on Tuesday showed the economy was by far the top Election Day issue. Six in 10 voters said so, and none of the other top issues -- energy, Iraq, terrorism and health care -- was picked by more than one in They have called for change in America.

Shortly after 11 p. McCain had after winning states that comprised the normal Republican base. The nationwide popular vote was remarkably close. Totals from 58 percent of the nation's precincts showed Obama with 51 percent and McCain with Interviews with voters suggested that almost six in 10 women were backing Obama nationwide, while men leaned his way by a narrow margin. Just over half of whites supported McCain, giving him a slim advantage in a group that Bush carried overwhelmingly in The results of the AP survey were based on a preliminary partial sample of nearly 10, voters in Election Day polls and in telephone interviews over the past week for early voters.

Democrats also acclaimed Senate successes by former Gov. Mark Warner in Virginia, Rep. Tom Udall in New Mexico and Rep. Mark Udall in Colorado. All won seats left open by Republican retirements.

The social-networking strategy that took an obscure senator to the doors of the White House.

In New Hampshire, former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen defeated Republican Sen. John Sununu in a rematch of their race, and Sen. Democrats also looked for gains in the House. They defeated Republican incumbents Rep.

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Robin Hayes in North Carolina. At least two Democrats lost their seats. Kevin Mahoney fell after admitting to two extramarital affairs while serving his first term in Florida. In Louisiana, Democratic Rep.

Presidency of George W. Bush

Don Cazayoux lost the seat he had won in a special election six months ago. The resurgent Democrats also elected a governor in one of the nation's traditional bellwether states when Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon won his race. The White House was the main prize of the night on which 35 Senate seats and all House seats were at stake.